About The Refuge


The vision of The Refuge camps is to take people away from the distractions of everyday life and transplant them in a community of daily rhythms oriented toward God so that they are clearly able to see, hear, and respond to His call to salvation and Kingdom living as they experience creation engagement, nurturing relationships, and the challenge of the unfamiliar.

Why Camp?

When we consistently see God at work, it only makes sense to join Him!  Research studies and individual testimonies spanning generations consistently testify to the effectiveness of camp ministry as a medium for salvation and discipleship. Consider these findings from research conducted in 2018.*

“[Y]outh who reported having a positive and impactful experience at summer camp in the past year were significantly higher than their peers in all measurements of faith formation. Even more compelling, increased frequency of camp attendance had an increasing effect on faith measurements.”

Cultivating Teen Faith Insights from the Confirmation Project, edited by Richard R. Osmer and Katherine M. Douglass, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2018

Outdoor ministries provide key ingredients for growth. It’s not just fun to get away, it is essential! We literally need time away from the tyranny of the urgent in a space that doesn’t just offer different noise and numbing activities. Outdoor ministries intentionally hold space for noticing the Creator’s character in His creation, daily rhythms of listening and responding to God, overcoming challenges, and processing with other believers.

Camp programs strengthen conference connections. Being part of a conference of churches is a thread of connection between people who are separated by many, many miles.  Outdoor ministries expand that thread by offering a connection point in which to do kingdom work together in the same location.

Why “The Refuge”?

A refuge provides shelter from pursuit, danger, or trouble.  Revelation 12:17 provides the following picture: 

“Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring – those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” 

Revelation 12:17

Camp programs provide shelter from a world that is hostile to the message and lifestyle of Jesus. Here  campers are immersed in the truth that they are loved unconditionally by an absolutely trustworthy God on whom they can depend day in and day out in a hostile world. 

Meet the Executive Team

Dawn Young

Meet Dawn

I grew up attending summer camp and working at camps. It was the highlight of my year without fail! The experiences were so formative and impactful that I pursued a camping ministry degree and worked full time at a camp in Wisconsin for 16 years. Although my family had to move on from full time camp ministry, I have continued to plan retreats for the local church. I am still passionate about joining God at work in a camp setting. I’m stoked to be a part of The Refuge!!

Sara Brown

Meet Sara

I grew up in southwest Wisconsin and attended Sky Lodge camp growing up.  My experiences at camp were some of my most favorite childhood and teen memories.  I made lifelong friends there!  My faith was challenged and grew due to experiences at camp.  After moving to Kansas with my husband, I knew that camp experiences were so important for faith development that I made annual road trips with our youth group and then my own children back to Sky Lodge just so they wouldn’t miss out on those transforming experiences!  God works in grand ways at camp and I’m excited about being part of  creating those opportunities for kids and youth at The Refuge!

destiny espinoza

Meet destiny

Hello campy people my name is Destiny! I am from Houston Texas and love playing all the sports, trying new recipes in the kitchen and meeting new people. I was a counselor for a camp back in Texas for two years, and those were the best two summers of my life! From crazy fun night games to tearful morning worship, my time at camp is something I will cherish forever! Camp ministry has such a special place in my life because you see God move in the biggest ways and you make the best of friends at camp! My faith has grown tremendously from working at camp, and I am so excited for your campers to experience this too at The Refuge!940s.

Lizzie Caron

Meet Lizzie

Hi Camping Interested People,
I love Jesus, balloons, confetti, and creating environments where people feel loved.
I grew up in Portland Oregon, in middle school and high school I had the privilege of attending my church’s winter camp. It was one of the highlights of my childhood.
One summer I got to work at Emmanuel Pines Camp in Prescott, Arizona. This was the same camp where my parents, aunt, grandma, worked as well as my great-grandma who helped start the camp back in the 1940s.

Let’s Seek the Refuge Only Found in the Kingdom together!